Design Hacks to Make your House look more Spacious

Don’t you just hate it when you shell out a fortune and end up with a space a quarter of the size of your dream mansion? Do not fret! Interior designers, with a twirl of their rhetorical wand, can magically make your space look much larger without much effort.  Follow us as we show you 6 simple magic tricks you can implement to enlarge your space

1. Mirror, mirror on the wall!

One of the most commonly used tricks is to place a large mirror on the wall, creating the illusion of a space double the size of the original area. This age old trick, also known as the “mirror mirage” phenomenon, is also one of the most effective!

2. Centre of Attention

Much like a water fountain or a big statue is likely to pull your focus, placing a large centrepiece at or near the center of your space will draw attention to it, away from the size of the room! If you are not a fan of art, a chandelier or a large sofa set will also have the same effect!

3. Keep it light!

Overhead lighting can cast long shadows and make a space look very bare and plain. A good way to turn this downside around is to opt for lights of varying shapes and sizes spread out around the room, creating an interesting play of shadows and giving the room more depth. If you are among the lucky few to have unobstructed windows and balconies, use them to the fullest! After all there is no light like sunlight 🙂

4. Pastels, please!

Unless you intentionally want to cultivate a dark grungy vibe, lighten up! Using light colours on both the walls and the fixtures in the room serves to reflect all available light within the room, creating a warm glow!

5. Float your furniture!

While wall-to-wall furniture placement might appeal to your inner stickler, it also makes the place look monotonous and spartan. “Floating” your furniture i.e. leaving a small distance from the walls will allow the room to look not just organised but also give it a cozy vibe. Another trick is to alternate furniture of the same type with different fixtures, breaking up the monotony!

6. All-in-one Solutions!

While this image might seem like overkill, such multipurpose pieces are a god send in small spaces! Sofa-cum-beds, coffee tables that also double up as a chest of drawers and such quirky furniture work perfectly well to free up visible space while still giving you storage!