Design Tips to make a Corporate Space Productive

Whether it is a new office setup or an old workplace that needs to be renovated, a proper design or theme is of the utmost importance. In the most basic definition of it, an office is a space containing tools necessary to accomplish certain tasks. It is important however to move beyond this definition and to create a conducive working environment. This can be accomplished via a smart theme which enhances productivity. Keep scrolling and work better!

Break the monotony

As opposed to the traditional monotone offices, one must create themes that cater to every mood making it easier for the employees to work more efficiently. Adding artwork to open up a small office space or using typography to place motivational quotes on the walls is one way to uplift the moods. It’s important to make every space inspiring.

Productivity in togetherness

It is known that different departments of an office require different areas to work depending on the process assigned, but having an open space for people to simply lounge and work enables employees to interact with people from different teams bringing in a sense of togetherness and comfort amongst them. The space can also be utilised for group discussions and other casual meetings to toss out the discomfort and bring in a sense of ease.

Have a seat

Investing in comfortable furniture is important. Considering your employees will be spending a major part of their workday seated, the seating has to be ergonomic and aesthetic. Additionally, depending on the area of work, furniture should change accordingly. For example, the workspace will focus primarily on comfort and functionality. The recreational or pantry area on the other hand can have furniture of a more casual nature, such as bar stools or a sofa set. Similarly, an area like the conference room or the cabins of high ranking officials should focus more on the aesthetic value as they will be hosting clients and visitors to the company, where impression is of primary importance.

Let there be light

Lighting is crucial in developing the right ambience in your workspace. An office should be well illuminated and as far as possible by natural light where available. Windows immediately serve to brighten up the space and also present a calming view. In areas where natural light is unavailable, placement of appropriate light fixtures can be carried out. As a rule of thumb, white lighting over regular working areas and yellow lighting in visitor areas is preferred. A conference room can use soft spot lighting in a false ceiling.

Find your files

Considering it is an office and not everyone has switched to e-documents completely, it is wise to assume that having appropriate storage space is important, especially for departments like finance and accounts. Replace the racks filled with files while with vertical or horizontal filing cabinets which save on space while providing a neat storage solution. If open racks are to be utilised, proper color coding can go a long way into improving workflow and reducing visible clutter. Employees’ workstations can also have integrated drawers and cabinets in them.

**Ahead of this is optional*

Every space must speak your brand


Being the first impression of your organization, the reception of your workspace should be impressive to say the least.  Accessorize the reception with trendy and smart pen stands and paperweights. Use designer notice boards to add to the look. A nice reception has a positive impact on the people coming to your office. If you own a small office, an angular reception will suit you best.


Yet another important feature of an office is its conference room. The layout, table and seating arrangement is of the utmost importance. Having a discreet but clear projection system is also important. Using wooden highlights and yellow lighting are advised to give a comfortable yet elegant look.


If possible, leaving some space for recreational activities is a good idea as it is important to boost morale and let your employees unwind. A carrom board, foosball table or a pool table should do the trick. The rec room can also be combined with the pantry area if space is a constraint. Distributed mellow lighting is advisable, while bright colors will serve to liven up the space.



Never be afraid to experiment a little! Be it with colors, lighting, furnishings, placement or overall ambience. Anything goes with the end goal being transforming your commercial space into an efficient, energetic and enjoyable workspace.