Tips to Cheer Up your Interiors

You spend time poring over gorgeous interiors, but then life gets in the way of your making your own place look perfect. Sound familiar? A busy life means you never quite get around to actually beautifying your own home and are left with just fantasies. We are here to help you with that! Here are a few small things you can do to brighten up your space without needing an extensive redesign!

Let there be light!

One of the easiest and most common ways to brighten up any space. For rooms with small windows, it may be a good idea to do without curtains to let as much sunlight in. For those of you fortunate enough to have a balcony in your home, throw open the doors as often as you can! Not only does that let in lots of light, but it also keeps the air circulating.

If your view is the neighbor’s brick apartment building, adding sheer curtains that let the sunlight in while artfully obscuring your bad view are a great idea.

Create your own light!

If your home does not have balconies or large accommodating windows, and if adding windows or making other structural changes isn’t an option, using a smart combination of lights and reflections can serve your purpose!

Mirrors are perfect tools for brightening dark rooms by adding light to a space. With tons of options – modern mirror tiles, ornate hanging mirrors, etc. – choose something that best represents your style. Combine large floor lamps and smaller task lighting for the best results. You can also add color to a room with an eye-catching light fixture. A colorful chandelier or a cluster of pendant lights can instantly change the ambiance and the décor of the living room.


We know that a white ceiling helps make a room feel taller, but having it in bright glossy white also serves to brighten it up immensely. Similarly, repainting your furnishings and any exposed pillars or beams in reflective paint makes the room seem to glow.

Reds and yellows are good lively pick-me-up colors, but you can mix and match throughout the spectrum as you see fit, which will help to give you an unconscious lift when you walk in the door.

Curtains and Pillows

Repainting or remodelling is not everyone’s cup of tea. So another hack to brighten up a space is to play with the elements in the room, namely the ones which serve to stand out the most.

Curtains are a must, but heavy dark pleated drapes should probably be avoided. A light semi-transparent curtain of ceiling-to-floor length is the way to go, and you can match the curtains to other accent elements in the room such as a variety of interesting pillows is a simple and efficient design strategy allowing you to mix and match different colors, prints and patterns to create focal points.

Don’t ignore what’s underneath! Flooring can set the tone for the whole room, the darker the heavier and vice versa. The best way to tackle this is a carpet or a rug. Rugs are often used in interior design for their ability to cheer up the décor in an instant. So even if the walls and the whole room are neutral and simple, a colorful patterned rug is sure to brighten the mood.

Reimagine existing elements

The important part when it comes to interior designing is to ensure you let your imagination run wild. And you would know how to utilise existing elements in your space the best. A bookshelf for example apart from the obvious use of storing books can also be used to tastefully display interesting objects by reserving part of the shelf .


You can lighten up a room simply by removing cluttered knickknacks. A couple key pieces will have a greater impact than a messy collection. Creating a storage system also helps to go a long way one, assigning different drawers and trays for all your loose items.  Pens and stationery can stay in an old can or a mug if nothing else is at hand. You can also use clipboards hanging on a wall or a fridge magnet to create to-do lists.

Switch out heavy furniture with slimmer, more slender ones.

Overstuffed and heavily carved furniture will pull your room down, making it feel darker and heavier than it is. Try to stick with streamlined, lighter pieces that don’t have a lot of frills. If you love the style of carved or heavy furniture, try to keep them to a minimum. Choose one or two pieces you love and keep the rest light.

Large, heavy light fixtures can also be detrimental to creating a light and airy space. When choosing an overhead hanging fixture, make sure you opt for something visually light. Crystal chandeliers (as long as they’re not too ornate) can be wonderful as the crystals (particularly if they’re faceted) will reflect the light from the bulbs.

Add plants or flowers (or a dog?)

When you walk in the door after a rough day, a wagging tail is guaranteed to lift your spirits. Can’t have a pet? A plant is also a great idea. Nurturing something and watching it thrive is a human necessity that will always make us feel good.

Yellow tulips further cheer up various corners in this simple but fun-looking living room. Bright pink flowers add vibrance to an otherwise staid white corner of the kitchen. If you can’t get them fresh, beautiful faux blooms that look just like the real thing will suffice (not to mention will last longer too).


Plants also do the job of purifying the air inside our homes. Herbs, on the other hand, subtly add delicious scents indoors. Thanks to a part of your brain called the amygdala, scent is strongly linked to your memories and emotions, but it can also affect the current emotions in your brain. Choose smells like lavender and jasmine for calming and soothing, lemon and orange for energizing, or basil and mint to help improve your mood.


Pretty easy, right? We hope these tips inspire you to freshen up your home!